Riverscapes is a Grand Solutions project, funded by Innovation Fund Denmark under File number 7048-00001B.
Riverscapes aims to develop a new unmanned airborne vehicle (UAV)-borne monitoring solution for rivers and streams, delivering innovative hydrometric and ecological data at high spatial resolution and coverage. The solution can inform hydrologic models and support decision making for catchment-scale risk assessment, flooding, water infrastructure investments and climate change adaptation.

Danish authorities need the solution to manage land and water, plan investments in new hydraulic infrastructure, design and adapt environmental policies and legislation and monitor legal compliance. The Riverscapes sensor package will measure variables controlling river hydraulics, hydromorphology and ecology. The project will perform demonstration flights over three selected areas in Denmark to assess and demonstrate data value.

The project addresses an important societal need and creates value by developing a new business area for Danish UAV surveying service providers and environmental consulting industry.

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